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Chester River Association Urges Members to Take Immediate Action on Four Seasons BPW Vote

Chester River Association
Immediate Action Needed:
Say NO to Massive Development in Chester River Critical Area
The MD Board of Public Works is meeting TOMORROW on the Kent Island Four Seasons proposal - a massive development situated in the Critical Area, surrounded by local creeks and tidal wetlands on the Chester River. If constructed, it will be one of the largest subdivisions in Maryland's Critical Area history.

You CAN make a difference with a 30 second phone call or email THIS AFTERNOON, asking the board members to vote NO on the Four Seasons wetlands license application.

Treasurer Nancy K. Kopp: 1-800-974-0468 or Email (if you only contact one person, contact Nancy Kopp!)
Governor Larry Hogan: 410-974-3901 or Email
Comptroller Peter Franchot: 410-260-7801 or Email:
This massive development - more than 1,000 housing units on over 400 acres - lies within the Critical Area on land that is less than 20 feet above sea level, and in many places less than 10 feet. Polluted water will quickly reach local waterways, both through surface runoff and groundwater infiltration. The site is surrounded by creeks and tidal wetlands that will bear the brunt of excessive nutrients and sediments running off the property.

Call the Board today and tell them a development this large does not belong in the Critical Area and will further degrade local creeks and the Chester River.

Many voices DO make a difference - please let yours be heard!

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