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Chesapeake Bay Foundation Rallies Maryland Members to Tell BPW No on Four Seasons

In less than 24 hours a New Jersey-based developer with a track record of pollution violations could be given the green light by the state to build more than 1,000 homes on Maryland's low-lying Kent Island. Tomorrow, Maryland's Board of Public Works will be deciding whether or not it is in the best interest of Maryland citizens to issue the developer a wetlands license they need to build their Four Seasons project.

We need your help sending Hovnanian Enterprises back to New Jersey without the license which would allow them to fill our wetlands with excess nutrients, pesticides, and other polluted runoff.

You may recall we've been fighting Four Seasons for years. To provide a refresher on the issue, I'm writing this e-mail above an e-mail I sent to CBF members two years ago. The haphazard Four Seasons plan hasn't changed much in two years except one thing: The state's Wetlands Administrator and Secretary of the Environment have both officially concluded that polluted runoff from the project would impact the fragile tidal wetlands adjacent to the site.

In short, Four Seasons remains the wrong development in the wrong place.

Before the vote on Wednesday, let the Board of Public Works know it is not in the best interest of Marylanders, our wetlands, or our Bay to issue a license. Urge them to vote "NO" on Four Seasons.

Thank you for taking a stand against this reckless development, for Maryland, and for clean water.

Alison Prost
Maryland Executive Director
Chesapeake Bay Foundation

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From: Alison Prost
Sent: Monday, October 14, 2013
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Chesapeake Bay Foundation - Saving a National Treasure

Friend of the Bay,

Take Action Against Irresponsible Development!
Stand with CBF to
Save the Bay
The proposed Kent Island Four Seasons development.
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CBF is committed to fighting poorly planned developments that pose significant potential damage to the Chesapeake Bay and its rivers and streams.

Right now, we're battling to prevent the destruction of waterfront lands and long-term damage to the Bay on Maryland's low-lying Kent Island.

This issue is complex, so we wanted to share the top four most important things that you need to know about this harmful new development:

New Jersey-based developer Hovnanian Enterprises—which has a shameful record of pollution violations—has their sights on Kent Island, where they want to build a massive development of 1,079 houses and condos. They're calling this threat to the environment "the Four Seasons," and it's the wrong development in the wrong place.
Crowding, traffic congestion, and sprawl already negatively affect Kent Island, and the Four Seasons would make all that even worse. The Four Seasons is part of the development pattern we're working to reverse for the health of the Bay: turning green, natural filters into grey, hard funnels.
Right near the mouth of the Chester River, the development site is already vulnerable to flooding, especially with sea levels rising. During heavy rains, streets in the area must be closed, and polluted runoff flows into the Bay. The poor planning of the Four Seasons would exacerbate these conditions and do even more damage to the Bay.
CBF and our partners are mobilizing a broad-based land-use campaign dedicated to countering sprawl and improving the laws that govern large-scale development like the Four Seasons.
Take action today: Sign our petition against this irresponsible, damaging Kent Island development. Stand with CBF as we speak out for the Bay.

As ever, we are committed to fighting reckless development along Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries in an effort to protect and improve the Bay. Thank you for standing with us.


CBF MD Executive Director Alison Prost

Alison Prost
Maryland Executive Director
Chesapeake Bay Foundation

P.S. We all have a stake in a healthy Chesapeake Bay, and we all have a responsibility to raise our voices against disastrous developments like the Four Seasons. So please help CBF enact changes to prevent future sprawl from damaging the Bay and its rivers and streams by contributing $5 or more right now.