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Four Seasons

Four Seasons Project on Kent Island

We are battling to prevent the destruction of waterfront lands and long-term damage to the Bay on Maryland's low-lying Kent Island.

This issue is complex, so we wanted to share the top four most important things that you need to know about this harmful new development:

  1. New Jersey-based developer Hovnanian Enterprises—which has a shameful record of pollution violations—has their sights on Kent Island, where they want to build a massive development of 1,079 houses and condos. They're calling this threat to the environment "the Four Seasons," and it's the wrong development in the wrong place.
  2. Crowding, traffic congestion, and sprawl already negatively affect Kent Island, and the Four Seasons would make all that even worse. The Four Seasons is part of the development pattern we're working to reverse for the health of the Bay: turning green, natural filters into grey, hard funnels.
  3. Right near the mouth of the Chester River, the development site is already vulnerable to flooding, especially with sea levels rising. During heavy rains, streets in the area must be closed, and polluted runoff flows into the Bay. The poor planning of the Four Seasons would exacerbate these conditions and do even more damage to the Bay.
  4. QACA and our partners are mobilizing a broad-based land-use campaign dedicated to countering sprawl and improving the laws that govern large-scale development like the Four Seasons.

The haphazard Four Seasons plan would exacerbate the flooding and polluted runoff that already affects the mouth of the Chester River and add to the existing problems of crowding, traffic congestion, and sprawl that damage Kent Island and the Bay.